Diskette Bombs

Diskette Bombs                                  by the Jolly Roger
You need:
 - A disk
 - Scissors
 - White or blue kitchen matches (they MUST be these colors!)
 - Clear nail polish
- Carefully open up the diskette (3.5" disks are best for this!)
- Remove the cotton covering from the inside.
- Scrape a lot of match powder into a bowl (use a wooden scraper,
Metal might spark the matchpowder!)
- After you have a lot, spread it evenly on the disk.
- Using the nail polish, spread it over the match mixture
- Let it dry
- Carefully put the diskette back together and use the nail polish
To seal it shut on the inside (where it came apart).
- When that disk is in a drive, the drive head attempts to read
The disk, which causes a small fire (ENOUGH HEAT TO MELT THE DISK
DRIVE AND FUCK THE HEAD UP!!). Ahahahahaha! Let the fuckhead try
And fix THAT!!!                       
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