FREE Hosting For WAREZ

 FREE Hosting For WAREZ
Tutorial: Free Hosting For Warez (how to do it...)
By: darkraven (aka bobbasic)
Level: Average (takes time)
Place to stick your warez and how to do it.
If you have a file you wish to upload and its too large for a free webhost and you still want it online try this method. download rar and cut the file up into 1MB files.
Mass Rename them to .doc (I forgot how to do it but its via CMD) sign up for the free hosting, which has unlimited bandwidth and space with a REAL (yet not your main) Hotmail account.
Upload the files via FTP
And tell people the link I.e.. - blah100.doc
Use Flashget to download!
And there you have it, as long as the people on hostultra don't find your site your fine icon_razz.GIF

Hostultra only allows max file size of 1MB files.
Hostultra does not allow .exe or .mp3
Unlimited Data Transfer
Unlimited Disk Space
100mbps Network Connection
99.9% Uptime
Free Sub Directory ( )
Cool URL!
Free Subdomains ( Many domains to choose from! )
Free Domain Hosting ( )
Custom Domain DNS Control ( A/CNAME/MX Records )
Browser and FTP Uploading
Unlimited Domains / Unlimited Subdomains
Free Search Engine Submission
Terms Of Use For HostUltra
# In addition to the above, User shall not upload onto their hostultra web space any of the following:
1. Audio or video files of any type this includes but is not limited to .wma .wmv .WAV .mp3 .AVI .mpg .asf .mov (however flash and midi files are allowed);
2. Spanned archives such as such as .z01 .rar .ace;
3. Any binary files that are not linked to an HTML page on the Site;
4. Sites which contain only (or mostly) downloadable files;
5. Download sites of any kind, including but not limited to, shareware, freeware, trialware, demos, warez, appz, gamez, ISO, cracks;
6. Photo albums, image galleries or TGPs;
To make it less likely hostultra will delete your account, add a fake little site on there, like a few pages of crappy HTML about some stupid thing which has nothing to do with warez. (I.e.. Bob's' site)
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