ClickBank Referral Program


You can earn extra commission by referring additional product vendors to ClickBank. At this time, we do not have a referral program for referring new affiliates.

When you refer a vendor who activates their account you earn 20% of the $49.95 activation charge. Additionally, you earn 5% of ClickBank’s typical markup of each sale that your recruited vendor makes for one calendar year.

ClickBank’s typical markup on every sale is $1 + 7.5% of the sale price, so you earn about $0.09 to $0.99 on every sale. See the referral commissions chart below:

$10 sale = $0.09 commission
$20 sale = $0.13 commission
$30 sale = $0.16 commission
$40 sale = $0.20 commission
$50 sale = $0.24 commission
$100 sale = $0.42 commission
$150 sale = $0.61 commission
$200 sale = $0.80 commission
$250 sale = $0.99 commission

Here are the steps to get started using the ClickBank Referral Program:

Start promoting ClickBank on your site
Use the special Referral HopLink (i.e., reseller link shown below) to drive new vendors to ClickBank sign up
When new vendors register via your Referral HopLink, you earn a 20% commission on the activation charge paid when the vendor activates their account
In addition, you automatically earn 5% of ClickBank’s markup on every sale made by that vendor for a full calendar year after their initial signup date
Referred vendors are tracked when they create an account after clicking on your Referral HopLink. Referral HopLinks should be in the following format:

Here it is in HTML:


To make it work:

Replace AFFILIATE with your ClickBank nickname.
Replace CLICK HERE with any promotional text or image you prefer.
The 20% of our activation charge ($9.99) that you earn when a referred vendor signs up will appear under transaction type “bons-0001″ in the transaction detail. Your 5% of our markup for all sales made by that vendor for a full year appear as transaction type “bons-0001″ in the transaction detail.

Q: Does the vendor get paid less because I am earning a commission on his sales?

A: No. ClickBank pays all referral commissions. For that reason, you cannot refer yourself or anyone who already has an account with us.

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